Letter 4 – Aunt Destiny

Dear Little One,

Now let me tell you about Aunt Destiny…

Destiny is 9 years younger than me and 5 years younger than Aunt Ashley. Destiny is the only one who was born in Missouri. Ash and I were born in California. An interesting fact about Aunt Destiny–or Dest, as we sometimes call her–is that she was stillborn. In other words, she was technically dead when she was born, but miraculously… she was able to be revived. She’s a real miracle!

Because of the age difference, Destiny and I had a pretty good relationship most of the time. I would say that while we were growing up, Destiny was more like my child than my sister. So, you can thank her for me being an awesome mom because I had some practice with her!

Aunt Destiny is a lot like your mom. Destiny used to call herself my “younger twin” because everyone said we looked and acted so much alike. She was my mini-me for some time. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we have similar taste in clothes, décor, food, music, and hobbies. Although, Aunt Destiny is far more introverted than me! I still don’t know how that happened! No one else in the family is an introvert…

Aunt Destiny is very reflective and analytical by nature. She is a strong Christian woman and she practices what she preaches. She may not be “the life of the party” but don’t let that fool you! She is a lot of fun! She loves to joke and be sarcastic. She is crazy smart and always has good insight. If you need someone to go to with questions about the major issues in life, she’s your girl. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll help you find it. Her love may be less affectionate than Aunt Ashley’s, but don’t ever think she loves you any less. I promise!

Some memories of your Aunt Destiny…

  • Giving her all my broccoli because she loved it and I didn’t.
  • Sleepovers with me and Derek and cooking her favorite foods.
  • Playing truth or dare with her and Ashley and trying to make Destiny drink toilet water.
  • Late nights with her at Mimi’s watching Degrassi.
  • Staying up until well after midnight talking about our faith and deepest hopes, dreams, fears, and our love for each other. (This usually went on until one or both of us were in tears.)
  • COUNTLESS inside jokes with her and Aunt Ashley…
    • “Destiny, have you been kissing the parrot?!” (aka the red cupcake incident)
    • Lakweefsha Poo and Farticus Stinch (trip to Boston)
    • This is true. But of course! You don’t say! Well, I never…
    • “For the love of God, woman! Learn how to drive!”
  • Late night phone conversations usually surrounding dream interpretations and psychoanalysis.

I want you to know that your Aunt Destiny may seem a little crunchy on the outside sometimes, but she’s really a big softy! I really hope you and her have the opportunity to spend lots of time together because I think you’d love her and I know she’ll love you. If you ever need prayer or answers and you can’t come to me or your dad, call her.




Letter 3 – Aunt Ashley

Dear Little One,

I want to tell you a little about your aunts. First, let’s start with Ashley…

She is 4 years younger than your mom. Your mom likes to “occasionally” remind her that she only exists because your mom asked Mimi and Paw Paw for a little sister. It’s all in good fun now! When we were growing up, she and I had a very bipolar relationship. (If you’ve been around me enough, you know what that means already, but otherwise… look it up.) Basically, we disagreed on one fundamental thing… that she was the spawn of Satan. I thought she was; she did not. I’m kidding, of course, but back then… we just didn’t mix very well.

These days, we’re grown up and have a very different relationship. We get along great. Sure she does things that drive me crazy at times and I know I drive her crazy too, but overall, things are really good!

So, about her…

She’s my middle sister. She’s very fun-loving and outgoing. She’s a real social butterfly! She loves to throw parties and have big get-togethers. She’s really silly and sometimes can be a little ditzy, but she’s smarter than you think! She’s very kind and loving and generous. She’s also very sentimental. It doesn’t take much to make her cry (happy tears, of course). She also has a weak bladder, so don’t make her laugh too hard unless you want to see your Aunt pee her pants! (She’s done it a several times…) She likes to dance and sing in the car. We used to sing Disney songs in the car  and still do sometimes! Her favorite Disney princess will probably ALWAYS be Jasmine. She likes things that are pink and girly. You probably think she is a HUGE girly girl… and she is! But she also used to be in the Army reserves. So she could kick some butt if she needs to! We didn’t used to call her “Sassy Ashy” for nothing!!

One thing that is important for you to know is that, while we fought a lot as kids, underneath it… we loved each other very much! Ashley got bullied quite a lot for her teeth–they weren’t always straight and pretty! Ash seemed to get herself in a lot of predicaments, but I always had her back when it came down to it. I got in a couple of fist fights with the neighbors for picking on her.

Some other memories of your Aunt Ashley…

  • Playing Barbies (a lot) and making huge houses out of the bunk beds, hot tubs in the bathroom sink, and beach parties in the tub.
  • Practicing my skills as a hair dresser and cutting the hair off Ashley’s Barbies. (She never forgave me for it!)
  • Teaching Ash how to sneak her veggies from her plate so we wouldn’t have to eat them.
  • Playing photographer by dressing her in my clothes, doing her hair and makeup, then having a photoshoot.
  • Playing hide-and-seek, then scaring her so bad she wet herself!
  • “Hit me baby one more time!” (Dorothy, get the Prilosec, my hip went out again!)
  • Jamming to Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. We used to put together dance routines too!
  • Rushing Ashley to the hospital after her bad bike wreck and Mimi wasn’t there so I had to hold her hand.
  • Recording a radio show with our friends Amanda and Tiffany. We made stage names and everything!
  • Playing obstacle course in the front yard.
  • Seeing Ashley for the first time after Basic Training and crying like a baby when we had to leave.
  • Spending an awesome summer day with her and my friend, Steffany. We walked the Osage Trail in Cape and got SUPER sunburnt. Then, we went to Ashley and her boyfriend’s apartment to play washers.
  • Jumping on the trampoline with Aunt Ashley, Mimi and Aunt Destiny until late in the evenings and laughing til we cried!
  • Driving up to see Uncle Matt when him and Ashley were just dating… Ashley got pulled over for running over the median!!
  • Ashley and Uncle Matt’s wedding day… so much fun and so many happy tears.
  • When she told me she was pregnant with Kaylee.

Ashley is the person you can talk to about anything. She is never judgmental and will listen to you when you have a problem… just be careful what advice you take from her! I hope you two are as close as I am with Kaylee. Ashley was been waiting for you almost as long as I have. I know she’s looking forward to being an aunt.



Letter 1 – Intro

Dear Little One,

It’s been just short of two years since your father and I started this journey. I know your dad had his reservations about having babies. I know he has always wanted you, but with his FAP disease he wasn’t sure if he wanted to take the risk that he could pass it on to you. After many talks between me, your dad, and Nana and Papa… we decided to go for it. (Mainly, I know that God is in control and whatever will happen, will happen, but your dad is much more cautious than me, I guess.) Even though your dad has FAP, it doesn’t seem to hold him back from much… other than binging on pizza and popcorn. Haha! And the same thing goes for your Papa and Uncle Justin. Although, your uncle does have a more severe case than your dad does.

Anyhow… every month since September 2014, when we started this journey, our anticipation and eagerness to become parents has only increased. (Especially mine!) Your dad talks about you and his hopes for you. He’s so ready to be a daddy and you are SO lucky because he is going to be a great one! I admit, this process has been hard for me. I have been waiting and praying for you since I was a little girl myself! I can’t wait to become your mom! Sometimes I get impatient and frustrated that you’re not here yet, but I know that God’s timing is perfect. And he’ll send you into our lives at just the right time.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but I already love you so much. I dream about you. In most of my dreams, you’re a girl. (Only once were you a boy!) Even your dad –who NEVER remembers his dreams– had a dream about you once and you were a girl in his dream too! That was the only time in the 5 years I’ve been with your dad that he ever remembered a dream and shared it with me. So that should say something!

One of the things I am most excited for is telling all of the family and our friends that you are on your way. If nothing else, I want you to know how deeply and immensely loved you will be. Of course your dad and I will love you, but our family and friends talk about how they can’t wait for us to have a baby. Your Papa teases me about it regularly. Him and Nana love Gavin and Bryce so much and they are beyond ready for another grandbaby. Mimi and Pawpaw ask about you a lot too. And I know your Aunt Ashley can’t wait for Kaylee to have a cousin to play with. And by the way, I think you are going to love your cousins! Bryce is kind of quiet sometimes, but he can also be really fun and goofy. Gavin is the same way, but he’s definitely much more active and playful. You’ll have your hands full with those boys! Kaylee is fun and spirited and such a character! I have no doubt you’ll be close. Hopefully, she doesn’t take after Aunt Ashley when she’s a teenager… You’ll find out why when you’re older!

Anyhow, I need to get going to work now. I hope whenever and wherever you read this that you’re having a wonderful day.

I love you.